Random assignment to a group (picking one of four)

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I have been looking on the community and seen some information on selecting a random household sample. And found answer about setting up a roster of the household members and then allowing a random selection of one person from that roster.However, my case is somewhat different. I just would like a selection of one of four options (Man 18-24 years, Woman 18-24 years, Man 25 years or older, Woman 25 years or older) for every survey that we take. So the roster would be pre-populated and the same everyone. Is this also possible? And could someone please explain how to build this in?

One way to go about it is to make this a randomized list of answers to a question and then force the enumerator to always select the first option. But this would mean a that the enumerators need to have a clear understanding about the sampling procedure, and not by eccident consider this an actual question. So it wouldn’t be my preferred choice.

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Welcome to the community! Would you mind making a workaround on what has already been discussed earlier:

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Hi Kal_Lam,

I have actually had a look at this already. But it seems slightly different to what we need. I attempted to explain this, but may have not been clear (apologies). I think in this example the enumerator still needs to enter the roster to select the sample from. Whereas I am looking for a simple click the button and get a prompt on which one of the four categories has been assigned. Does this clarify my request?


@Kal_Lam I was wondering whether there is possibly another solution - see message above. Your help would really be appreciated!

Working on this and will be able to share a form that does exactly that.


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