Random Questions

Sory, need help.
I have 35 questions, How I can random this question?

I try this: Randomize Question - #2 by Kal_Lam
but my survey don’t have group, just quest 1 until 35.

Thank you…

Welcome back to the community, @Apry! Yes, you could still have two groups of 35 questions each to randomize the questions. The more group you have, the more options you will have to randomize the question sets. But having more would also mean that you may have issues managing and analyzing the data later once the survey is complete.

Be aware, that 35 questions allow 35! (factor) combinations = 1,0333148 × (10)exp40. See
Randomize Question - #6 by wroos.

Different to choice items there is no standard option to randomise questions as far as I know. Might be a good enhancement idea for Kobo/ODK/Enketo.

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so i still must create random manually with much combination routate in each group?
even my quest 1-35 have same choice (just “Yes” or “No”) (T,T)

Maybe another form design options could help, e.g. asking the Yes only (or No only) for a select_multiple with a choice_list of 35 items and use random appearance for this choice_list?

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