Randomize Rating Question

Hi, I’m wondering if it’s possible to randomize the rating scale questions/agreement rating statements. This is how it looks. There are 9 statements all in all and the reason I want the statements randomized is based on experience, respondents tend to have fatigue with the latter statements and just speed up with answering. We’d like to avoid interview fatigue bias against the latter statements. Hope anyone could help!

Welcome to the community, @zenonpestano! The rating question should not support the randomized choices. This is because, in a rating question, the choices are always shown up in the question by default.

But please learn how to randomize a choice by following the posts shared previously here.

Hi Kal, thanks for the warm welcome!

I think I wasn’t clear. For clarity, I’d like to randomize the questions/attributes to be rated, not the choices themselves. So from my example above, I’d like to randomize Question/Attributes A to I while the choices (Disagree, Agree Slightly, and Agree Very Much) remain in their exact order. Example here:

                                      Disagree          Agree Slightly            Agree Very Much

Question/Attribute A*
Question/Attribute B*
Question/Attribute C*

Question/Attribute I*
*randomize the order of these questions/attributes

Hope it’s clearer now. Thanks!

@zenonpestano, maybe this workaround discussed previously should help you solve your issue (but it could be a bit tedious one):