Randomize the order for a group of questions

I am interested in randomizing a group of question within the survey. Here’s an example below of what I’d like to do.

There are 5 questions. There are three versions of question 4 (4A, 4B, 4C). I would like to randomize the order of questions (4A, 4B, 4C)


Would it be possible in XLS forms? Thank you in advance!

Hi @jesseacevedo, you can randomize choices for a select-type question, otherwise you can make use of the random() method to control this behaviour for other types of questions. So it is possible, but might take some creativity :slightly_smiling_face:

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@jesseacevedo, maybe you could also try these workarounds discussed previously:

And this one too …


Thanks! This is very helpful. It worked well and I see what you mean about data management

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how to randomize a group of question
I have 4 sections each one with 10 or 15 questions, I need to randomize these sections, can we do that???
just randomize but appear in the same questionnaire all the groups of question

if I have 4 sets of questions how can do this randomized???


@rimaoulleik, have you followed this post discussed previously?

It should help you solve your issue!

Thanks for your replays
but i try this file and have a problem just 2 of 4 sets appear in the data entry and I need to appear the 4 set

Dear kal-lam,
I’ve tried this method, but not all question sets appear. Actually, I want all sets of questions to appear in the same form, but the order of the groups of questions varies from time to time, and this does not happen with this method.
Any other suggestion??