Randomize the order of question with each question has max limit of response is 10


We have a 3 set of questions each set comes randomly to users for example if users1 has set of A question then other users has set of B question and if the response of set A reached 10 then set of A question not appears.

@dipendra, maybe this post discussed previously should be helpful for you:

thanks for your answer…it helped me a lot…but if we researched 10 responses in set A question then set A should not appear in next survey…how is it possible? please help me.

@dipendra, did you mean it (these questions) should not appear in the next round of an interview? I mean, an interview is complete with A. So these questions should not appear when you start an interview with B now?

@Kal_Lam yes sir, if Set of A question meet the goal.(toal 10 answer)

@Kal_Lam Sir, is there any possibility of above questionnaire–Attach my questionnaire for your reference.
Random Question Order_test.xlsx (12.9 KB)