Range selection

Below is a question Am trying to build how can i do it.

if certain amount is typed into an open text format, it automatically select the range where it falls.

For example. if N9000 is typed in the text it will pick Less than or up to N10,000 because is lower that N10,000 and if N18,000 is typed in the box it picks |N10,001 – 20,000 because is within the range and if N300,000 is typed in it will display |N250,001 – N500,000 because is within |N250,001 – N500,000

Q14. Which of the following best describes your revenue for a planting season in respect to (INSERT RESPONSES FROM Q12) before Agribooster project? TYPE IN EXACT AMOUNT

Less than or up to N10,000
|N10,001 – 20,000
|N20,001 – 50,000
|N50,001 – N100,000
|N100,001 – N250,000
|N250,001 – N500,000
|N500,001 – 750,000
|N750,001 – N1,000,000
|N1,000,001 – N1,500,000
|N1,500,001 – N2,500,000
|N2,500,001 – N5,000,000
|Over N5,000,000

Hello @FEMMMY,

You can do that with calculate question type. What you need to do is setting some if statements.

Here are some posts to help you, if you need further help, I’ll try my best to help you.

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