How can I make a range value?

I want to make a range of values. For example when I Input temperature on the form, then the value will have arrived automatically. Also, the value (0 or 1 or 3, etc) goes to the server. Please see the image for details:


Thank you.

Dear @tanzilhuda,

Why don’t you make it a single select type question with the ranges as labels and the points as the assigned values?



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Thanks for reply @bd_burundi. I already did it. But I want to know is it possible to make? Then it will be so much smarter questionnaire.

Dear @tanzilhuda… You mean you want to encode any open answer to the question?

If so, you could use nested if functions in a calculate question to assign the values. Next using the note type question with references to the calculate question. Best

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Hi @tanzilhuda,

You could do the same as shown in the image below:

In the survey tab of your xlsform:

Screenshot of Enketo:

Reference xlsform:
Nested If Condition.xlsx (11.4 KB)



Thank you so much, Mr @Kal_Lam. You are the best moderator ever. Always your answer is so resourceful, organized and perfect. Your solution works amazingly, that I wanted. Thanks again.
Have a nice day.