Rank widget

ODK has rank widget that allows the user to order options from a list.
Here is description of the widget: https://docs.opendatakit.org/form-question-types/?highlight=rank#rank-widget
But when i upload my XLSForm to KOBO I get error:
Import Failed!
ValueError: unknown type [u'rank list_name']
Doesn’t KOBO support this widget?

I have this exact issue.

KoBoToolbox definitely supports the rank widget. We however recommend that you follow the procedures in this article to build your rank question


yes, but there is a difference between online (not working) and on Android device (working), as we found out meanwhile - after some confusion during online tests before…
Kind regards

Could you please provide an example of what you are seeing on both platforms to make us better understand the comment that this is not working


Dear Kobo community,

I am facing the same issue when using a rank question type on a form and uploading it to Kobo.

ValueError: unknown type [u’rank list_name’]

I had a look at the link (http://support.kobotoolbox.org/creating-forms/rating-vs-ranking-question-types); from this link it appears that Kobo does not have the rank widget, is this correct? The rank widget on ONA and ODK enables a drag-drop of items. The rank method the article refers to is different as it allows for selecting 1ste, 2nd etc best.

I tried using ONA and the question type rank works very well, both in Enketo and ODK collect. However, Kobo does not recognize the rank question type. I tried building a ranking question with the Kobo tool, and see that Kobo actually creates a select_one question with constraints.

Am I missing something here?

Many thanks,


Hi there, I too was wondering if rank was available on KoBo yet, as it would be really useful - unfortunately this hasn’t yet been built but I can see that there is a Github ticket to track (as referred to in the below comment).