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Can anyone help me how i can make a question of ranking from (1 to 5) where i have a longer list of choices (e.g. 10 choices) and i need the respondent to reply only to chose five of them in a ranking matter.

The ranking question in kobo give rates equal to the number of choices. so if 10 choices there will be 10 ranking choices.

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Hi @mohammedrezeq
Welcome back to the community forum. I am not aware of a straightforward approach to achieving what you are looking for. I would however recommend the following workaround which will help you with your work.

  1. Create multiple select questions that ask the respondents to select 5 items out of the 10 that they would prioritize without ranking. You can then put a constraint for count-selected being equal to 5.
  2. (NOT TESTED) For the ranking question, you can pull the response items dynamically using the options selected in 1 above. For this you will need to do the following.
    a. Create calculate questions which will pick the 5 responses using the example provided in this discussion.
    b. Using the calculate questions from 2 (a) above, reference the labels based on the explanation provided in this article

Caution: This approach requires some medium to advanced working experience with form designs.


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Hi @mohammedrezeq,

Maybe this post discussed previously should also solve your issue.

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Many thanks dears