Rating question type labels to be wrapped

Hi all,

I’m trying to add a rating type question but the labels you see here (Very Dissatisfied, Satisfied… etc) are not wrapped and a single letter is hanging below. How can make the words wrap in this case? Please help!

CC: @Kal_Lam

Screen Shot 2021-09-09 at 5.17.15 PM

@saumyaupadhyay, would you mind trying it out in a larger screen to see how it looks?

@saumyaupadhyay, could you try this out with a 5-point Likert scaling (instead of the 7-point Likert scaling) to see if that affects the formatting?

@Kal_Lam - But that doesn’t address my use case. I need to have these 7 points in the rating scale. Is there any other workaround or solution?

Hello @saumyaupadhyay, could you please post the screenshot from a larger screen again? For some reason, your image is not appearing here. If there is an error with the forum software, please let us know about that, too. Many thanks.

I think the best answer for you at this time, unfortunately, is “no”. If you need to keep 7 choices, you’ll either have to accept the wrapping or abbreviate your choice labels. Our team is following up with Enketo developers to see if there’s already an outstanding request to improve the display in these circumstances, but even if there is, it’s unlikely to be ready for you very soon.

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Hi @saumyaupadhyay, I’ve created a feature request here which you can track:

Unfortunately, as John mentioned, there is no definite timeline for such an improvement.

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Hi @Josh - Thank you for creating this request! It will be very helpful once we have this feature. I will keep an eye out for it! Thanks again!