Rating questions & allow choice duplicates

Dear Team,

We have had issues with previewing our forms after incorporating a rating question. Forms were built on the online platform. Only after downloading the xlsx file and adding ‘allow_choice_duplicates’ yes, were we able to open the preview. We are happy we figured this out, but we would like our team members to be able to build these forms on the online platform without having to manipulate the xlsx file, because it would require separate training and the idea for us behind using kobo was accessibility and simplicity. Would it be possible to make the choice duplicate acceptance automatic with types of questions like these that would normally have such structure, or maybe add an option in the settings of these questions, so that the need to download for this can be avoided? Thank you.

Hi @evi_adp,

Could you kindly share with us both of your xlsform i.e. the one with has errors and the one you solved the error by placing the allow_choice_duplicates so that we too could have a look at our end.

Have a great day!

Attaching both files, original and corrected.

Thank you!

aeQsaiQxSzDnvF4WgXZfEM_original.xlsx (17.1 KB)

aeQsaiQxSzDnvF4WgXZfEM_corrected.xlsx (17.2 KB)

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Hi @evi_adp,

Thank you for sharing the documents! It should be of immense help!

Have a great day!