Ratings questions not showing in data dowload

Hi there. Hoping you can help me, please.

I have 188 responses collected to a survey of 200+ questions. 6 of these questions are ranking type questions. The responses to these questions show up in both the table and the reports tabs in the KoBo app, but when I download the data to Excel these questions are simply missing. Furthermore the questions are not listed when I go into ‘advanced options’ for the data download.

Looking back at the first data exports I did when the survey was being administered in the field, I can see that the questions and responses appeared then - but for some reason they are not appearing now. I would be grateful for any suggestions of how I can resolve this. Thank you.

Here the table is showing responses to the rating question about assets

Here the reports function is showing responses to the assets question as well

But the question about assets does not appear on this list in the advanced options for data download. I can’t work it out!

Did you change the form and something around the missing variable, e.g. name, type, grouping?
Did you try export all versions?

I didn’t make any changes to the form. The only thing I’ve done is to clean some of the response data (but not to those particular 6 questions). The exports include data from all versions. I’m completely baffled!

Could you try the export/download with all items (default) instead of manual select as in your screenshot.

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I deleted the unsaved export settings and the data from all the missing questions has now appeared. Thank you!


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