Re editing submitted form in mobile phone

Can any one suggest or tell me how can we re edit the submissions in the Kobo Collect App using in mobile phone.

If this is possible.

@vipinkumarvarma, you can edit a filled-up form in the Collect Android App but for those that have been collected from the app and have not been submitted yet to the server.

Maybe you should be able to learn more about the same through this article:

Dear Lam,

Thank you for your email, But unfortunately this will not help for me, as I want to know is there any possibility to edit the uploaded forms in Kobo collect app mobile version. or editing of uploaded forms in mobile phone.

This is not possible. But if there are traces of sent forms still left in the app, you could extract the same as outlined in this post discussed previously:

BTW, please be informed that you should always be able to edit the submissions sent to the server at the server by following this article Editing or Deleting a Single Submission.