Read_only creates problems with select question in Collect


  1. Read_only option creates unexpected behavior with select_one question in ODK/KoBo Collect.
  2. And calculation with number doesn’t work here (not casted to string for the selection).

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Upload and deploy xlsx form
    ReadOnly02.xlsx (15.7 KB)

  2. Open form and select Principal auteur = Père. This should control the sex choice later

  3. Move step-wise forward and view the shown or empty select lists . Notes between give hints.
    Here some steps:

  4. With read_only = true, nothing appears, empty list. We would aspect the list without pre-set choice

  5. Same with the next pages

  6. Only with Sexe auteur read_only true and DEFAULT pre-set, a choice list appears as expected.

  7. Next page with Sexe auteur with true & CALCULATION (here as NUMBER!), shows up, but EMPTY (seems problem of the number format!)

  8. But if you move on to the next page and go back again, the list disappears! (Very strange!)

  9. Move on and see the following pages, all now with selection lists!

  10. Including the Version of step 7 with calculation in string format! Now working well.

Expected behavior

Even without any selection the lists should appear.
And calculation as number (1) should be casted automatically to string (‘1’), to fill/preset the selection type.

Actual behavior

Only with read_only true and DEFAULT, a choice list appears as expected.
All other versions show nothing (no list)!

Step 2

Step 4

Step 6 - This is what we would aspect (even if no pre-setting)

Step 7

Step 8

Navigation Tree - also shows that the first set value by calculation (with NUMBER 1) has a format problem and disappears when moving back to this page… See "“Sex auteur (with true and calculation pre-set)”

After step 7

After step 8

Pinging in @Xiphware for any advice on this.

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