Realising of formula

I greet the assistance. I would like to realise a form for an inventory and I feel stuck on a level. In the forest, several plots will be installed and in a plot, data on the scientific name, botanical family, height and circumference of each species will be collected. I would then like to know how to do the setup so that all the species in a plot are recorded in one form. That is to say that after having recorded: the scientific name, the family, the height and the circumference for an individual in the plot, I can go back to the beginning to do the same operation for all the other individuals in the plot before mark the form as complete and save it. I don’t have enough skills in Xlsformes forms. thank you

Welcome back to the community, @mukki_fajar! Have you gone through our support article Pull Data Functionality in KoBoToolbox? Does it fulfill your objective?

I greet the assistance. Thank you for your answer and I admit that I had some answers to my concern on the page that you advised me.

Please help me on email? I can’t upload my project and screenshot to this forum. I’am new user.

@mukki_fajar, could you be specific with your issue?