Rebuilding images from kobo-install to ARM architecture

Discussion Topic: Rebuilding images from kobo-install to ARM architecture

Hello everyone,

I’m currently exploring the possibility of running Kobo Toolbox on my Raspberry Pi 5. However, it seems that the images from the GitHub repository “kobotoolbox/kobo-install” were designed for x86 architecture, which is not compatible with my ARM-based Raspberry Pi 5.

I’m reaching out to the community to inquire if anyone has had success rebuilding these images for ARM architecture (armhf) and could share with me or guide me on this task.

Thank you in advance for your support.

@giovannimaffeo, pinging @surveyorjr for your support on this!

Hi @giovannimaffeo I have not yet done this on a personal level. But my suggestion and thoughts are that since the architecture is already specified, it might be a difficult installation or rather an impossible one.

However, you could try Emulation or Virtualisation with your Raspberry Pi 5. Perhaps the emulated or virtualized environment can provide you with what you need.

I should also mention that these options can be resource-intensive.

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