Receiving blank submissions (at least 25% responses)


Recently rolled out a survey and we have received a lot of blank responses. Cols have data including submission time, uuid, index,etc. - but the actual questions as configured have no data in it.

The form was updated mid submission - but this problem seems to only be affecting a few users. The others don’t seem to face any issue. On the mobile browser it tells them submission is successful however when we download in XLS format the data is just missing. Two attachments user confirmation on mobile + download table where cols are blank.

Did you change choice items/ during data collection?

You may try to find the data by

  • exporting with All versions (advanced) option? in label and then in XML values mode?
  • viewing the data table in XML value mode setting with gearwheel right on top of table?

Did you check all form versions before deploymenrt with the Online validator?

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Yes - The validator throws up no errors. The form works fine for a lot of users. As of now we have received around 70 blank responses out of 330 total responses. The others have all values stored.

Tried the XML values too. In fact tried everything including CSV and legacy download options. The download also includes all version data. The metadata cols are there - everything else isnt.

Also - yes the choices were updated during data collection - but this problem has been there since the beginning - we received around a 100 responses before choices were updated. And around 30 of them were blank responses.And post that deployment the problem continues.

In fact a lot of these users have the enketo form submission message on their phone - but the data doesnt seem to be there in the server and/or these responses for some reason are blank

Would you mind to check this, please?

And do you have questions without data which are always mandatory (required = true)?

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I have done both - the same number of rows are empty in both downloads (count is 76). All questions in the form are mandatory.

@AnirudhPrasadh, could you also let us know the device, it’s OS, and the browser used by your team from where you assume the data is missing in the server? Maybe these details should help us troubleshoot your issue.

Majority of the phones are Android (Brands like Oppo, MI, etc) - We are collating the details of users who are facing this issue. Slow response since its a Sunday. We have even asked them to not use their local browsers and only use Chrome/Firefox etc. For a few people the issue still persists. Will share the details of such users as we get them

Hi Kal,

Do you want us to share the details of all such users? Or only a few would do. Received a few different screenshots about submission confirmation post clicking on the submit button.

These are all Oppo/Mi/Oneplus Android phones. The users have been specifically requested to use Chrome instead of their local browser.

I once had the same experience at some point. Here is my suggestion: if they are using a Kobo link to your questionnaire, advise them not to use the phone browser when filling out the questionnaires. Let them use a PC or desktop.