Receiving Data from a different User

Dear Colleagues,

I have deployed several forms in Kobo (OCHA server). There is one form which is not yet shared with any user, but it received around 60 interviews data. How is it possible?

Thanks for your support.

If you wish someone to collect data through Enekto you will need to share the link (URL) with the person so that he/she is able to collect and submit the same to your server.

However, if you are using the KoBoCollect android app and the user knows your username, the user could configure the same in his/her KoBoCollect android app and start collecting data and then sending it to your server by configuring his/her server setting as (under the General Settings>Server>URL):

Where username is the person’s username registered for the account which could be say anything like data, project1, hygiene_project etc.

However, you could control this by checking the Require authentication to see forms and submit data as outlined in the post discussed previously:

FYI, this could also prevent users from submitting data through Enketo even if someone has your survey link. To submit, they should have your login credentials i.e. your username and your login password.

Dear Kal_Lam,

Actually, I have shared a different Form (Project) with these users’ Kobo Account. They are submitting forms to the one I shared; but suddenly, yesterday I received 60 forms to a new form deployed in the Server which was neither shared with their Kobo Account nor the link was shared. Is there any issue having Several Forms with Similar Names (But descriptions differs)?


Yes, that could be a point where your users (enumerators) were confused! It’s always good to have a unique survey title while the survey is ongoing. Besides, it’s always good to archive projects when not needed. This could minimize the confusion at the enumerator’s level.

Thanks. Can I move that data from one form to other within Kobo Server?

This feature is not built within the system but you could do it using a python script as outlined in the post discussed previously: