Reclassement (recoding)

Hello, I just used KoBoToolbox for the first time. My problem is that I want to recode the age variable.
For example, I have a numeric Age variable that needs to be filled in. I want to create another variable, recode_age, that takes the value of Age and classifies it according to specific criteria: 18 - 25 years, 26 - 30 years, 31 - 35 years, etc.
The recode_age variable should not be modifiable and should be automatic.
Thank you.

Hi @tsidymiboela_23 and welcome to the community!

What you want to do can be achieved by calculate type question.

This help article is a good start to learn more about it:

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@tsidymiboela_23, maybe this post discussed previously should help you understand on how it can be done in KoboToolbox:

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thank you all, i’ll try it

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