Record Search in Data Table view - Data Managemen

I used to search/ filter any record in the Data Sheet. But it doesn’t work anymore. , it doesn’t work for system/server-generated fields. I’m attaching a screenshot to clarify this.

Anyone, please help me. This is very necessary and urgent for me.


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Welcome back to the community, @Vogbole! Thank you for bringing this to our attention. Please be informed that we are investigating this issue and will get back to you once we resolve it.

Thanks for your quick response and looking forward to it.

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@Vogbole, we will update you once we fix it. FYI, please be informed that we already have a fix for this …

We will be releasing it as a patch release soon.

@Vogbole, kindly please be informed that the issue has been fixed with this patch release. For details please see this announcement:

Thank you for your kind patience as always!