Records not showing on the Data Table

I have a project with almost 1100 entries. There are a few ranges of them that will not load from the data table - if you search for that particular record the page that loads is blank. If you sort the data and navigate to the page where that record should be, the entire page loads blank (so you can’t see the record in question or any of the other ones that would normally load). When I download the data it is all there, but since we can’t interact with it in KoBo we can’t clean it up. Any ideas what is going on?

Could you please add some illustrations on the ranges not showing properly. In the process it would also be important to rule out internet connectivity issue; does this happen to other projects with similar entry numbers? Also check if this is happening the same way on different browsers.

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@stephanealoo , I am facing similar issue. Please see below image

There should be some 16 entries visible in the dropdown menu to apply filter. But in drop down list we can see only 2 entries. Even the entries visible in the table in the screenshot (Umarkhed_3380 and Mahagaon_3381) are not visible in the dropdown menu.
A kind request for the solution.

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@mandarsathe, did you make changes to the label and redeploy your survey project?

Last changes in project were made and deployed on 28th July. It was working fine since then. Started to face the said issue since last week.
I can see some changes (not in the labels or the form) but those are not deployed.

How many versions of redeployment have your made so far for this project?

v1 and v2 on 27th July
v3 on 28th July.
The entire data collection is done on v3.
I can see there is one v4 created couple of days back, But it is not deployed. The last deployed version still is v3.

@mandarsathe, could you share with me the following through a private message (so that we could have a closer look at your case):

  • Username
  • Project name
  • Server

@mandarsathe will get back to you after verifying your case.

@mandarsathe I think I discovered what is happening here.

The Data Table is displaying the column header filters based on the latest form version (in your case the undeployed one), but is getting submitted data with a previous form version. Now in the previous form, Block (the select_one question) was using this long GP list. In latest form, Block is using the short two element list.

I made an reproducable issue that is waiting to be fixed Undeployed new form version is causing Data table to display wrong choices for column filter · Issue #3499 · kobotoolbox/kpi · GitHub - unfortunately due to our more pressing work, this will most probably be done in next few months and is not a perfect solution (it basically adds an option to type the filter value, and will still be displaying options from the latest form version). We have plans for distant future to handle the versioning of Data Table better.

What you can do is to make the Block question use the old choices list, no need to deploy the form. Before changing the form in such a way you can clone it to keep the current version.

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Thanks a lot @magicznyleszek .
So, if I have understood it correctly, it appears that edited but non deployed form has some effect on data table.
I have original xlsform of the project. Will it work if I replace current xlsform with the original one without actually deploying it? would it bring the data tables back to normal?


Hi @mandarsathe

Yes this seems to be the issue

Your assumptions seem to be correct


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I have replaced the xlsform with the original one and now the issue is solved. Thanks for your support @Kal_Lam , @magicznyleszek and @stephanealoo