Recover data from web survey respondents failing to click the validate button?

Hello, I am contacting respondents 4x to request they participant in the survey and quite a few indicate that they have completed the survey, but it is not in the system. I’m wondering why their information might not be loading? Is there any way to recover data when the respondent fails to click the Validate button? Other people are successfully completing the survey without a problem.

Thank you.

Hi @hek
When users do not submit the record, we are not able to see the data thus not able to assist you as you need. Is there a particular similarity among the respondents whose records are not showing e.g. geographical region etc?


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Thank you @stephanealoo

There does not seem to be a pattern, I’ve modified for the form as well as the email communications to remind respondents multiple times to click the validate button. Hopefully that will improve the situation.


Hi @hek,

Try ensure that the users use the latest version of the modern browsers outlined here. The users may have to face issues if they use browsers other then those listed by Enketo.

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Unfortunately it still seems some data is missing. I have modified my survey to request that participants press the SUBMIT button, with several reminders. I have had email exchanges with at least 2 people who claim to be using the latest browsers and they hit submit but I have not received their data. One of the participants even took the survey twice for me and both times it did not upload. She received no notification of it not uploading. Have you heard of this happening for other users?
Thank you.

Would you mind requesting your team to ensure the browser and see if there are any pending submissions? Sometimes, user think that the data gets submitted to the server as soon as they press the SUBMIT button but in fact it may take a couple of seconds for the browser to submit the data to the server. And if the user closes the browser before this period the user may not be able to send the data to the server.