Recover Form of last deployment

Dear colleagues,

I have created a form in kobo, after almost adding 80 questions with options, i tried to see how the form looks like, i received an error on translation, i removed one unlabled language and only kept English as default, but when re-viewed the form, unfortunately all English lables from both survey form and choices sheets were removed. How i can recover my last deployed version which has all the labels? @Kal_Lam

Hi @danishjownaqibullah

When you removed the language, what process did you do? Was it using XLS or the form builder?

Had you previously deployed this form? If so, then clone the project from one of the older versions and then download the xls from the cloned project.


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@stephanealoo, thank you for responding.
What i did was to see the look of the forms, arrangement of questions and logic, then i saw something fields are not ok, then i tried to go to the edit window to correct the problem. I recieved a translation error- i may have made a mistake when i uploaded the form with only 7 questions for the first using xls- i went to the tranlsation and removed the unlabled language and only kept the english labled language then i was able to go to the edit window, then i saw that no question exist anymore. Before all this i have once deplolyed this form with all 80 question inluded and it is dowloaded in my browser. Will clone work for my case?

Then you should upload the XLS form to replace the current one that you have messed up.


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@stephanealoo, thank you, but you misunderstood, i mean, the form in HTML form is downloaded in my browser and i have not downloaded the xls form. Cant i use from the deployed version? I mean am i able to go to the previous versions?

Yes you can go to the previous deployment version and clone the same project. Then download its XLS version



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Yes, exactly that is what i wanted and this will resolve the issue.

Thank you so much for ur direction.

Appreciate it.