Recurring Data (Unique Enumerator Code)

Anyone who has an idea as to how to deal with recurring data. We are have fielded, several persons. Supervisors oversee 5 (five) Enumerators, the latter enter respondent data, each Enumerator has a unique Code that increments with each data entry.

Is it possible for the Helpers code to keep appearing on their device without them having to keep entering the Code with every entry they make?

Kind of tying their Code to a device or any device they do use to enter data… (e.g. 51R01?) the symbol ? represents any incremental data after their Code

Hi @amailuk
Welcome to the community forum. Have you had a look at this article to see if has some viable solutions on your end?


Hey @Stephane I appreciate the welcome, thanks. ,

Yes, I had already gone through that article, several times actually.
What we have is kinda an ID code for the Renumerators. What we then want is a continuous numbering of the respondents they attend to.
Which I guess can be concatenated to their code number.

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Hi @amailuk

Unfortunately, the platform does not provide a direct approach towards sequential numbering.


Thanks @stephanealoo response is appreciated.