Recycling answers in form in ToolBox

Hello, community. I would like to know if there’s a way to reuse answers form a previous question. Here is my case: i’m developing a form to get poblational information. There may be the case where the person attending is the same as the property owner, so I would like to get the name, id, telephone, mail, etc (all text or number fields) of the attending person to get automatically inserted as text/number fields in the owner information. Thank you.

Welcome to the community, @leo! Is this something you are looking for Including Responses Inside Another Question?

Not really. Whay I would like to do is that if I fill the information of the attender, and I select that the person I am interviewing is the owner, the information that I already filled in the attender fields, gets inserted in the owner’s information, as it will be the same. I attach a snap for guide.