Redeployed Surveys


We’ve had to redeploy our survey a number of times and though I am able to see our data in the compiled data view, when I open an individual survey I just see blanks (see the photo/screenshot of the survey attached). Is there any way to see the data on the individual surveys?

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Ednice Wagnac

So your concern is that the photos are not showing up after redeploying the form? Did I get you correctly? Could you also let us know if you were able to view the photos before redeployment?

Not just the photos, but nothing on the individual surveys is showing up. I’ll attach this survey here and submit some more screenshots below.



In the picture below the answers should have been showing up?


Sorry, @farmstew, your screenshots are not visible in the community:

Maybe you will need to upload them again.

Were you able to view the survey attachment to the message though?

I’ve gone ahead sent the pictures as an attachment this time.

Please help and advise, as I need this information for a report I have to have ready on December 12th.


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Were they the variables added in the latter phase of the redeployment?

Yes, there were variables added in the latter phase of the redeployment. And by the latter phase, do you mean the most recent redeployment?

Have you gone through this post discussed previously? It should help you describe what happens (the data structure) when you redeploy your survey project:

I believe I reviewed a message like this before, but this doesn’t refer to my current issue. I understand where to find the updated questions in the compiled data, but my current issue is to be able to find the data on the individual survey entries.


OK, I would advise you to follow the steps outlined below to see the effects with the redeployment:

  • Download your XLSForm (various versions).
  • Check the version when you added these questions.
  • Ensure that the form was deployed and data collection was also made with this form version.

Thank you very much for all of your help!

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