Missing data when i download my data on KoBoToolbox

Dear Community,
Please I need urgent help. I edited a question on Sunday, copied the link and sent to research assistants for data collection. Although data collection is still ongoing, I downloaded the data today using XLS and discovered missing data in columns for so many questions.

Please I need urgent help in solving this challenge. Thank you!.

Would you mind sharing with us a screenshot of the issue you are facing? This should help us troubleshoot your issue.

Please see a screen shot of the missing data.

Sorry, but I don’t see any data missing here?

Please see another screen shot of missing data.

Please see screen shot of missing data.

Would you mind sharing with me the following information (through a private message) so that we could have a closer look at your case:

  • Username
  • Project name
  • Server

Please how do i send you a private message.

This post should help you out with sending a private message:

Please check private message. Thank you!

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Hello @Kal_Lam, please can I get a feedback from you. I am desperate. Many thanks.

Hello!!! Please can someone respond to me.

Hi @Chigieluv, I’ll have a look at this issue shortly :+1:

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Alright, Many thanks.

Hi @Chigieluv
Thank you for your patience, we had been looking at your forms before we realized that the issue you are looking at is not actually a problem, but more of a self-alignment of the data to accommodate the form (questionnaire) edit you had done.

To understand the above, I will need to point out the following key points.

  • When you create a question and name it, e.g. Q1, the data will all be collected under Q1.

  • When you edit the name of Q1 to say Q1edit, all data collected after the change will be located on the column/variable name Q1edit. Note that Q1 will not be deleted since it is holding all the data that had been collected before the change.

  • However, since the structure of the data in excel is defined by the most recently deployed form, the structure will have Q1edit appearing first before Q1.

  • Since you had collected data in Q1, all the response instances i.e. data rows, collected before the edit to Q1edit, will appear blank on Q1edit and will remain in Q1. You will have to scroll to Q1 which will be on the far right after all other variables that you had.

  • In summary, your data (belonging to the Q1 scenario) is still there, it is just moved to the end of the survey.

With the above logic, kindly check your data once again and you should be good to go.



Alright. Thank you so much.

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