Redeploying a Form to Change XML values: Will Data be Lost

Data collection is done using the existing form. The response categories are in Arabic. I want to use the XML value field for store the English translation. The prompt tells me that I have to redeploy the form. Will I lose the already collected data?

Welcome to the community, @i2rsantos! You generally do not need to change the value that is in the XML value. It should work for both your English label as well as Arabic label. It seems like you added the English label lately but forgot to redeploy. If this is the case, you could redeploy. To ensure that your survey project is working properly with the given XML value, you could download your survey project as xlsform and ensure that the values and levels are OK.

Hi, so when I download the data set, how do I make it so the stored responses use the English Labels?

@i2rsantos, if you have more than one language in your survey project, you could select the language of your wish from the Value and header format as shown in the image below: