Redeploying survey form with edits in "require" column while data collection is on-going

Hi, We are currently collecting data, using Enketo (web browser).
We made a mistake in the “required” column. In the original form (currently used for data collection), the left column of a table is a required cell, while no value can be filled in. Instead, only the second and third column of the table should have required cells.
The interviewers cannot submit the form (as no value can be filled).
How can we save the current drafts (which cannot be submitted due to the error) before redeploying?
If we redeploy the corrected form, will the (not yet submitted) collected data be saved?
Hoping for a fast response!

Welcome to the community, @alina_bailarina! If it’s just a matter of the mandatory response checkbox, that should not affect your data.

Maybe you could do the following to get rid of your issue:

  • Save the submission as a draft (in the web browser). Do not clear the cache of your browser at this phase, or else you will lose all your data, and that data is irreversible.
  • At the same time, return to your project form and remove the mandatory-response option as needed.
  • Deploy/redeploy as needed.
  • Now go back to the web form once again. Refresh the page and then open the draft submission. Here you will not see the mandatory response. You can then submit this form to the server without any issues.
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