RedirectURL for moving between survey parts


I recently discovered the redirectURL option in Kobotoolbox, which is used “to redirect the user to a URL of your choice after the form has been submitted”. Typically, this is used for sending the participant to a “Thank you” page, but I’ve been exploring the possibility of using this function for moving from part 1 of a heavy survey, to part 2, and it works great! However, when I try to submit responses for part 2 to move to part 3, an error systematically shows up saying: “Survey with this ID not found”. I’m wondering if there would be a possibility of making redirectURLs functional after subsequent forms.


That is a fantastic workaround and quite interesting. I think the problem with below is that the URL you are using for part 3 seems to be broken. A quick way to test is to take that URL and paste it in a browser and see what it opens for you. Also, check to ensure that this is the one that you find when you copy the URL for data collection for project 3


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