Reference a repeat group as a whole

Hi! I’m trying to create a summary section at the end of my form.

I have a repeat group that has a constraint of a previous question:

Q1: How many parcels do they have?

repeat groups are limited to the answer above.

In my summary, I want to say:

Farmer ${name} has ${Q1} parcels.

Then, I want to say:

Parcel 1 is blablabla
Parcel 2 is blablabla
Parcel 3 is blablabla

and the number refers to each repeating group.

I understand referring to each question in a group, but how do I reference the WHOLE group? Thank you!

Welcome to the community, @projectlead! This could be possible, but it would require a long-expression. I’m just curious to know the maximum value for this question: Q1: How many parcels do they have? which controls the repeat.

Hi @Kal_Lam !

There’s technically no value but let’s say 5. How should I reference them?