Release Notes - Enketo - version 2.3.5

As of 9 June 2020 at 17:00 UTC, we have upgraded Enketo Express from 2.3.3 to 2.3.5 on both and

Below is the relevant excerpt from Enketo’s change log:

[2.3.5] - 2020-06-05

  • Some of the background-logic wrt clearing non-relevant values. However, the behavior should be unchanged.
  • No longer stripping querystring from offline-capable URLs after loading.
  • The autosave feature does not work for drawings, signatures, annotations on mobile browsers.
  • Drawings, signatures and annotations submit empty PNG files on mobile browsers.
  • Readonly select-minimal widgets are not readonly.
  • Readonly select-minimal widget get erroneously enabled when relevancy changes to positive.
  • Calculation with form control fires input-update event upon load if the underlying model value doesn’t change.
  • Number mask do not work in non-first repeat instances.

[2.3.4] - 2020-05-27

  • Code style.
  • Date fields in Grid Theme do not show values in print view.
  • Itemsets inside a non-relevant groups or questions are not updated when group becomes relevant if choice_filter condition does not include node that makes group/question relevant.