Release Notes - March 1, 2018

The deployment on March 1, 2018 will include the following updates and bug fixes on and .


New Features include : Record Validation, Project Summary, Kobo Matrix question type, Custom Data Reports. Click on the links for more information on each of these new features.

  • You can now delete old exports from your export history.
  • Users can generate one export at a time; export is highlighted in the UI when it is completed.
  • Forms with dots in the question name are now displayed with underscores in the data table view.
  • Label length for report charts has been trimmed.
  • Single-submission option added to dropdown list for data collection
  • User avatars have been darkened, to prevent the use of white on white.

Bug Fixes

Fixes for the following bugs are included in this release:

  • Groups within blocks not displaying in the formbuilder after drag/drop
  • Form title not changing on redeploy
  • Sharing a form in the UI fails to load if the asset includes a user with a permission given in the legacy interface
  • 500 error when Question Matrices have null labels
  • Deploy/Redeploy button in project list failing
  • Submission modal not displaying when form has repeat groups
  • Exports cannot be opened, error message says that the file is corrupt and needs to be repaired
  • In custom reports, some forms displayed the modal off-centered
  • Report states “no data” when using Spanish
  • Users not having access to shared projects reports when granted permission
  • Form title not displaying in Enketo Preview
  • Blank table when a choice list is missing a label [this was often triggered by a select list with an or_other option]
  • Blank table when a form included a calculate question with an object as value.
  • Submission count differs from data table and exports
  • When using “Replace with XLS” option for a deployed form, it creates a new form and deploys it.
  • Not all columns from all form versions are included in the data export.