Release Notes - version 2.019.34

Listed below is a summary of changes in version 2.019.34. A complete and detailed list of updates included in this release can be found here. This version was deployed to and on August 23, 2019.

User features

  • Improvements to the Translations modal, which include the ability to edit the default language string directly from the modal. #2364
  • Allow the freezing of the submission links column in the Data Table view # 2336
  • Improved Deletion modal # 2362
  • Full project tiles displayed in the sidebar and project lists # 2325

Bug Fixes

  • Not able to drag items from the Question Library into groups # 2242
  • Pressing “delete” button while adding question in form builder closes the form without saving #2200, reported by user @raph
  • Sharing of undeployed forms was not possible in Settings screen # 2358
  • The Edit button opens the wrong submission. # 2225
  • Unassigned validation statuses not returning anything with the API # 2329
  • Receiving a “you have unsaved changes” message when saving a new question in the Question Library # 2309
  • Unneeded double calls with the refreshReportData API call # 2220
  • The Context Menu in the Project Dashboard is being partially hidden # 2267
  • Issue related to duplicated submissions # 566
  • Non-owner users with ‘validation_xform’ permissions are not able to validate submissions # 569
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