Release Notes - version 2.019.40

Listed below is a summary of changes in version 2.019.40. This version was deployed to and on 1 October 2019.

User features

  • Changes made to nested permission API endpoint names to avoid confusion #2411
  • New bulk deletion of submissions in the Data Table feature #2321
  • New row-level permissions feature creates three levels of permissions (1) See all submitted data (2) See data submitted by a subset of users only (3) See data submitted by oneself only #2259
  • New GeoJSON API export #2218

Bug Fixes

  • Preview fails if a form is edited and then another tab in the Project Dashboard is clicked before trying to preview #2378
  • When exporting data, xls only contains first 30K rows even if data contains more submissions #2370
  • Users with edit submissions permission cannot delete data #2366
  • The Summary bar chart shows recent submission one day behind #2327, reported by @benismobile
  • Form previews don’t reflect the current form style if the user changes the theme from Grid theme to Default - single page after previewing the form #2368
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That is awesome, am really exited about the row level permission. I hope it works for the analysis part too?


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Absolutely @Wesen! If a user is restricted to view data only submitted by other specified users, then the reports page will only display data submitted by those users.


Many Thanks.

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@mike.destaubin: This is awesome! Is 2.019.40 already available for download and upgrade? Thanks!