Release Notes - version 2.021.03

We’re happy to present our first release of the new year with one substantial new feature and two helpful fixes. Version 2.021.03 has been deployed to:

Thanks for using KoBoToolbox.

PR Description Related Issues
#2956 Add new permission for managing sharing
It’s now possible to grant someone the ability to change your project’s sharing settings by giving them a new permission called “manage project”.
Closes #2648
Related to #2926
#2959 Fix to point the URL in the REST submission email to the correct screen in the UI
When a user has set up a REST service AND has checked the Receive emails notifications box in the REST settings, the user was receiving an email with a link to the API view for the form.
The link in that email will now take the user directly to the correct screen which lists the REST submissions.
Fixes issue #2750
#2948 Replacing returnURL with return_url
Updating redirect query parameter from returnURL to the updated return_url.
closes #2947
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