Release Notes - version 2.021.06, 2.021.06a

Version 2.021.06 was deployed to:

Please find a list of changes below. Thanks for using KoBoToolbox.

PR Description Related Issues
#2980 Fix submission modal displaying wrong labels for choices
Submission Modal was displaying wrong labels for choice type questions (e.g. select_one, rank, score). It happened whenever multiple choices had the same name property.
Fixes #2971
Fixes #2969
#2981 Removed support for Excel Analyser
Remove the Excel Analyser from our list of export options, as it is no longer maintained. Please refer to OCHA’s documentation if you would like to use the Excel Analyser: KoBoToolbox Excel Data Analyser v1.23 | HumanitarianResponse
Closes #2536
Related to KoBoCat PR: kobotoolbox/kobocat#670
#2974 Always search for root survey when adding to library
Fix issue in the form builder where it was impossible to add a question from inside a group to the library.
Fixes #2973
#2970 Revert "Fix fail producing empty asset"
A change intended to avoid confusing, empty drafts appearing after failed uploads mistakenly deleted some projects with actual content. We’ve recovered the projects and reverted the change.
:information_source: This change was previously deployed as a hotfix
Reverts kobotoolbox/kpi#2755

Of interest to self-hosters

PR Description Related Issues
#2989 Remove deprecated KC content types
Fix an issue where creating new users could fail with the error Could not find KoBoCAT content type api.organizationprofile / / api.project
Closes #2865
#2966 Add instructions for drag-and-dropping images into in-app messages
Created a warning for superusers when creating in-app messages.
- This warning is to alert the user that they should drag and drop photos into the snippet and/or body
- The URL from in-app message files takes the user to the right image, but through a path that only superusers can access
Part of #2778
kobocat#673 Proceed if empty instance found when syncing Mongo
Prevent a system administration command, ./ sync_mongo --remongo, from failing if it encounters an empty submission

We’ve done an additional deployment just now (05;23 UTC on 23 13 Feburary 2021) of version 2.021.06a, which contains a single fix:

PR Description Related Issues
#2982 Fix translation not being used in table header
Fix translation not being used for select_one question types in table header filter dropdown.

Thanks to @wroos for reporting this bug. Based on my testing, the fix also applies to select_multiple questions.