Release Notes - version 2.021.34

Greetings, everyone. We present to you our next release that includes the changes listed below. It

  • has been deployed on as of 22:30 UTC on 9 September.
  • has been deployed to as of 20:45 UTC on 14 September (version 2.021.34a was deployed directly)

As always, please do not hesitate to report any problems that you find. Thanks for using KoBoToolbox!

New features, enhancements, and bug fixes

PR Description Related Issues
Store responses to date and number questions using the appropriate Excel types when exporting data. If necessary, the old behavior of exporting these values as text can be invoked by selecting the “Store date and number responses as text” check box in the export options closes #3443
closes #3330
closes #1266
closes formpack#256
#3212 Anonymous access of Project Downloads
Allow partial anonymous access of Project Downloads. A user who is not logged in will now be able to download existing exports, but creating new exports by such user is not permitted.
Fixes #3285
Related to #1659
Related to #3222
#3342 Table usability improvements
Significant usability and styling improvements to the table view
Also contains code from these PRs:
- #3327
- #3341
- #3299

Fixes #3199
Fixes #3372
#3442 Further table view improvements
Various UI changes as described in #3438
Fixes #3438
#3418 Text preview modal
Extends #3314 to also have a preview modal for text based questions.
Includes code from #3419

Fixes #3386
#3314 [NLP] Allow previewing of submission media from data table
If submission contains media (specifically audio/background-audio, video or images) then it is now possible to view the media directly from the table view in a pop-up modal.
Fixes #3089
#3357 Include form_title when downloading XLSForm closes #507
#3341 Update icons
Another batch of newly designed icons.
Part of #3305
#3422 Update arrow icons
Fixes two icons visual glitch and adds few arrow icons for future use.
#3410 Better message for cloning modal
Add information that user can leave empty name when cloning to keep original name.
Part of #663
formpack#245 Fix or_other for select_* question types closes formpack#140
formpack#251 Fix select type replace aliases
Fix bug that prevented select one being converted to select_one and handle legacy select one for exports and auto report to prevent failures.
closes formpack#250
#3343 Fix team members UI
Bring back team members UI from Form Summary view.
#3457 Preserve API stability by fixing Enketo edit URL pattern so that the /enketo part of /api/v2/assets/[uid]/data/[_id]/enketo/edit/ is optional
#3419 Change displayed images to a medium quality
Made all frontend images (minus kobocat gallery) use the medium quality attachment endpoint. Includes necessary refactor for other components.
Fixes #3417

Of interest to self-hosters

PR Description Related Issues
#3440 Allow setting Celery worker count in Django admin
When lots of I/O-bound tasks are enqueued, like REST Services pushes to slow external servers, it can be helpful to increase the number of asynchronous worker processes well beyond the number of CPU cores. This allows that without modifying environment variables or having to restart server processes for changes to take effect.
kobocat#766 Fix local ZIP exports, which began failing after a fix for S3 exports
kobocat#758 SubmissionCounter bug fix
Fixed an error in the date handling for the submission counter

Of interest to developers

PR Description Related Issues
#3425 Move bem utility to TypeScript
Moves our bem utility to TypeScript and fixes the bem to be a default export.
#3424 Include tsx files in typescript config
Improving TypeScript configuration by adding missing tsx extension.
#3423 Quick fix missing return
Fixes a non-lethal error happening on submission modal.
#3391 Cleanup environment related stores
Remove duplicated environment configuration data stores and create new one in separate file.
Part of #3318
#3334 Filter _index in advanced exports closes #3333
#3420 Update SASS dependencies
Update some frontend dependencies ot newer versions.
#3397 Introduce Typescript
Allow TypeScript files to be used in the project. Ultimate goal is to migrate everything to TS.
Fixes #3394
#3307 Copy fonts post npm install
Small internal dependencies workflow improvement for development convenience.
#3299 Split and cleanup UI code
Cleaning up and moving around some common UI files.
Part of #3266
Preparing #3199

We’ve deployed a CSS fix for the too-short preview modal as version 2.021.34a. Thanks for reporting the issue!

The fix is live on as of 18:55 UTC on 9 September.


We’re releasing another small update (2.021.34b) with the following fixes:

PR Description
#3468 Fix broken background audio link in table view and single-submission view (modal)
Fix label handling for or_other with translations

I’ll update this post when it’s complete.

Edit: the update is complete on both servers as of 23:40 UTC on 16 September.

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One more fix, now deployed as 2.021.34c to both servers as of 23:55 on 20 September:

Thanks to @collecte for the report!

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Another minor update (2.021.34d), reverting a FormPack change, to address failing exports with exception message: unbalanced parenthesis at position x.

The fix was deployed to both servers as of 02:45 UTC on 22 September.

Thank you to @sherwinufi, @oduoromogi and @mflores for reporting the issue and we apologize for the inconvenience caused.

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Unfortunately, we missed another necessary fix for REST Services.

PR Description
#3478 Fix REST Services log view
REST Services log view was broken and not displaying either submission numbers or submission modals.

This has now been deployed to as release 2.021.34e and will be available on on Monday: it’ll be included alongside the Enketo upgrade.

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The fix has been deployed.

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Hi @jnm , hope you are well.

Regarding this feature, just to know, there is any update regarding this? nowadays this feature is available?