Release Notes - version 2.021.47

Greetings, everyone. We present to you our next release that includes the changes listed below. It

As always, please do not hesitate to report any problems that you find. Thanks for using KoBoToolbox!

Enhancements and bug fixes

PR Description Related Issues
kobotoolbox/kobo-install#179 Updated the language codes to include German and Turkish
#3404 Allow users with partial view submissions to view submission attachments instead of a broken link.

The photo gallery is temporarily deactivated for these users (instead of showing an error message) until new gallery is released (kobotoolbox/kpi#1959).
Fixes #3389
Depends on kobotoolbox/kobocat#768
#3520 Run KPI services as a non-root user

Of interest to developers

PR Description Related Issues
#3405 Refactoring: Use more accurate method names for row level permissions related classes.
#3537 Checkbox component internal code cleanup.
#3534 Add few useful functions to envStore for easier language handling.
#3531 Small internal fixes for checkbox and dropdown components.
#3530 Typescriptize radio component. Needed for #3526
#3528 Change checkbox component to typescript. Part of #3526
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