Release Notes - version 2.024.04b

Hello everyone,

We have completed deployment of a new release to the Global ( server as of 21:45 UTC on 7 February 2024.

Deployment to the EU ( server has been rolled out on 17 February 2024 at 08:00 UTC

This release consists of:

  • KPI version 2.024.04b
  • KoboCAT version 2.024.04b
  • Pyxform version 1.9.0, unchanged from the previous release
  • Enketo Express version 6.2.2, unchanged from the previous release.

New features

Issue Description
Project-level control of anonymous submission
Users can now control whether to allow anonymous submissions on a per-project basis, replacing the previous account-wide setting “Require authentication to see forms and submit data”. The account-wide setting has now been removed.

Existing projects will continue to behave as they did previously:
- If an account was set to require authentication, then all existing projects owned by that account will continue to require authentication.
- If an account did NOT require authentication, then all projects owned by it remain available for anonymous submissions.
By default, any new project requires authentication unless the user toggles the setting to allow anonymous submissions on that particular project.

Additionally, the Add submissions project permission no longer implies View form. Anyone with Add submissions permission can still see the form inside Enketo and KoboCollect; however, they cannot see the project inside the KoboToolbox form-management web interface unless they are assigned the View form permission.

Fixes and improvements

Issue Description
kpi#4814 Add dialog to announce new features in the UI
Adds a new dialog component that can be placed on new features which may not stand out at first glance.
kpi#4820 Remove duplicated detail section in form builder sidebar
kpi#4807 Disable delete action for non-owners in shared library collections
kpi#4806 Fix bug that shows the same label multiple times in reports
kpi#4793 Display hidden type question in Single Submission Modal
kpi#4770 Fix styling for frozen columns in data table
kpi#4605 Return a 401 HTTP code when user is not authenticated
Make the response more obvious to users when they are disconnected (and they have to reconnect)
kpi#4799 Fix External XML icons
Fixed two icons for External XML question type having wrong names.
kpi#4797 Fix bug to allow collection managers to add library items

Of interest to developers

Issue Description
kpi#4795 Don’t hide Social Apps that weren’t already hidden during migration
kpi#4816 Mark org speed test as ‘performance’, exclude performance tests from running without flag
kpi#4783 Update endpoints to handle new plans
kpi#4810 Refactor NewFeatureDialog to only show once on form landing page
kpi#4809 Fix styles for anonymous submissions toggle
kpi#4803 Add organization usage to user admin
kpi#4800 Plan layout fixes
kpi#4782 Add new plans to front-end
kpi#4740 Add tooltip Component for disabled buttons
kpi#4024 Replace test (video) file with one having content
kpi#4608 Update user email script
kpi#4789 Refactor django-allauth migration
kpi#4790 Refactor redirect for plans page to not require a react-router version upgrade
kpi#4784 Add OrganizationUser to OrgAdmin in Django Admin
kpi#4771 Adjust anon submission tooltip layout issue


Release 2.024.04 was originally deployed to the Global server at 04:45 UTC on 6 February 2024 and later reverted at 05:55 UTC due to a performance problem. This new release, 2.024.04a, corrects the performance problem and supersedes the reverted release.

PR Description
kpi#4834 Optimization: Avoid fetching all anonymous user permissions every time
Speed up API response for asset related endpoints
kpi#4835 Deduplicate calls to asset, permission APIs
Prevents some unnecessary calls to the asset and permission endpoints.

Attention self-hosters: release 2.024.04b now corrects a problem with the Redis migration needed to enable per-project control of anonymous submissions in Enketo. The Docker images for 2.024.04 and 2.024.04a have been withdrawn.

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A new patch release 2.024.04c is available and has been deployed to our Global server at 08:00 UTC on Friday, 16 February 2024 and to our EU server at 08:00 UTC on Saturday, 17 February 2024:

Changes include:

PR Description
kpi#4839 Restore API call when switching between PermProtectedRoutes
Prevents infinite loading spinner when switching to a project that’s already been loaded in the Project pane.
kpi#4840 Restrict anonymous submission migration to surveys
Avoids future “Failed to update permissions” errors when trying to change sharing settings for library items
kpi#4844 Remove add_submissions permission from anonymous user on non survey type assets
kpi#4831 Fix New Feature dialog causing wrapped components to appear above dropdowns
:warning: backport from beta branch
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A new patch release is available and has been deployed to our production servers at 10:00 UTC on Saturday, 17 February 2024:

2.024.04d, which fixes an error when generating admin reports (kpi#4850).

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A new patch release is available and has been deployed to our production servers at 10:30 UTC on Thrusday, 22 February 2024:

2.024.04e, which fixes an error of the spinner which was loading indefinitely when importing parent fields of two connected projects (kpi#4851).

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