Remove Sending Failed Entries from Send Finalised Form

Afteroon all, hope we’re good? A colleague has a number of forms which failed to send owing to them not being online when attempting. Now there’s numerious forms coming up as “Sending failed” which they’d like removing from Send Finalised Form. Is there a way to delete these without sending them? They’ve tried to select relevant and delete, but it’s not possible. They don’t want to send owing to duplication of entries I believe. Any help would be appreciated.

@wurzel_grumage, could you also share a screenshot of the SETTINGS>Server from your android app?

Sure, happy to. We’re on the non-humanitarian one. My colleague has different details though but the server remains the same. Thanks for the response.

Is this the screenshot of the SETTINGS>Server from where the data did not sync with the server? If yes, could you also let me know the project name for which the data did not sync?

Hi Kai_Lam, thanks for getting back to me. This is the information from my account, which is different from the one with the problem, sorry for the mixup. However the server is the same. To clarify we have a few devices with the same KoBo profile and they do not have this problem to my knowledge. The project is titled the below:

“Ghana - UKAID Peer-Support/Counselling Outcome Assessment (Project Support Team)”

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Hi @Kal_Lam, hope you had a good weekend? Following on from your earlier mssage I include the details of my colleagues KoBo.

@wurzel_grumage, there are two screenshots from the Settings>Server. So which one should i have a look at? Is it from the latter screenshot?

@Kal_Lam thanks for getting back to me. Please use the latter screenshot. The first is from my personal account.

@wurzel_grumage, I see that you have tried configuring a username (14a_gh_data_collector) that does not exist in the researcher server. This is why you are unable to connect to the server.

Thanks for the response @Kal_Lam, the username is legit and on the server, as I get responses from other devices with the same username…

@wurzel_grumage, maybe you will need to try to make a login check with the username 14a_gh_data_collector on the non-humanitarian server to see if it exists. I re-checked and confirmed that it does not exist on our publicly hosted non-humanitarian server.

Thanks @Kal_Lam, we worked out what the problem was in the end! Firstly, I think the login details were provided incorrectly here or copied over wrongly, as it’s l4a_gh_data_collector - the first character is l not 1. Not sure what happened there.

In terms of the problem itself, the issue was that my colleague was trying to delete the failed entries from ‘Send Finalised Form’. We realised that the failed entries were also located in ‘Delete Saved Forms’ too. On deleting from there they were removed from ‘Send Finalised Form’, so it’s all clear. Is there any content online on deleting failed entries?


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@wurzel_grumage, thank you for confirming this. You should be able to delete the forms and data from your app as outlined in this support article.

Thanks @Kal_Lam much appreciated! I’ve checked over the details on the support article and it doesn’t mention that errors in Send Finalised Form can be removed from Delete Saved Form. Would it be worth updating somewhere so it’s clear?

@wurzel_grumage, maybe you will need to make some dummy entries and then try deleting those dummy entries from the app.

Thanks for getting back to me @Kal_Lam. Could you clarify what you mean as I’m a bit confused. As my point relates to the issue I reported and the content you referred me to. The issue is resolved, but there is no mention of how to delete failed files that come up in Send Finalised Form in the instructions you provided. Just wondering if the content should be updated to advise of that?

@wurzel_grumage, a simple workaround if you have already submitted all the submissions from your Collect android app to the server, you could delete the Collect android app and then reinstall a fresh one from the play store.

However, please be cautious if there are any pending submissions left in the app. Doing so might clear them too.

Hi @Kal_Lam thanks for getting back to me. The issue is all resolved now, we worked it out a while back, but cheers for the recommendations. I’m just suggesting that the literature on deleting forms is updated to highlight that anything that comes up in Send Finalised Forms can only be deleted from Delete Saved Forms. As it isn’t clear anywhere in the literature that errors on the Send Finalised Form page can only be deleted from Delete Saved Forms. I hope that is clear now.

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