Renaming images (photos) taken with KoBo Collect

Hi all,

Is it possible to provide a custom name for images taken with a camera or uploaded from a gallery of the mobile phone when using question type image?

In both cases KoBo Collect (re)names the files to something like 1607424215364.jpg. So even when you upload the file (from the gallery) which has already a name, e.g. “IMG0123.jpg”, KoBo will still rename it to something like 1607424215364.jpg.

Is it possible to change the naming pattern for KoBo Collect?


Maybe this post discussed previously should help you solve your issue:

I was just wondering… KoBo Collect is renaming files. Both for images taken directly in KoBo as well as when uploading from gallery. In this second case, KoBo will copy the image and rename it. If it is currently not possible to change default naming pattern via XLSForm, perhaps this could be a suggestion for future improvements?

Hi @janekb

It is currently not possible to define a renaming via the XLSForm. Yes, you can post a suggestion for future improvements if it does not exist.


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Sounds good! Also, just had a quick look at the ODK Collect code, it looks like file naming is using System.currentTimeMillis() function to create file names:

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