Renaming Kobo forms not working when editing submissions on Enketo


We have Kobo installed on our onw servers. We have renamed an existing Kobo form which has multiple submissions.
Although this rename has not affected the existing submissions, e.g when editing an existing submission, the Enketo page opens up, and in this page we can still see the old form name.

Any suggestions or help will always be appreciated, thanks.

Could you kindly confirm if you wish to rename the project name of the project submissions?

Yes, I want to rename Project name of Project submissions.

The behaviour you are seeing should not be the case. Kindly confirm if you redeployed the form when you changed the name? I have tried this on my end and it seems to work pretty fine. See the following example.

Currently this is the form/project name

When I edit this form as it is, I see the following name

When I change the name to something else as below and redeploy

I get to see the form name changing when I edit the form.

I suggest you confirm if you followed these three steps: Edit Project Name, Save, Redeploy?


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Hi @stephanealoo thanks for the solution. We were missing the third step to ‘Redeploy’, we have done that now and we can see the changes affected.

Thanks for all the efforts and the response, always appreciated.

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