Rendering answer of previous question in local language

गत बर्ष कति ${llu} मा खेति गर्नुभयो?
This does not render ${llu} in local language. Any help?

Hi @bibekhood, Welcome to community! Can you please elaborate more and share your xls form if it is possible?

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Hi Osman,
I had a question to select land local unit, i.e., llu with two options (Ropani and Kattha).
I then wanted to ask, how much land do you have in ${llu).
I have all these in Nepali language as well. I wanted the ${llu} displayed as Nepali language. But it is not happening. Sorry, the system is not letting me upload xls form being a new user.

Let’s wait till @Kal_Lam grants you file upload permission and after that you can share the file with me so we can work on it

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@bibekhood, you should now be able to upload your XLSForm. cc: @osmanburcu

Hi Osman
Please see my xlsx form attached.

training.xlsx (31.5 KB)

Choices (row 10 and 11)
I want ${llu} ( rwo 38 of survey sheet) rendered in Nepali language for question label of row 38. In English, its ok.

Hi @bibekhood,

If you reference the question directly as ${}, this will use the XML value of the question which form language will not affect anything, if you would like use the Label, you need to create a new calculate question and it should use the formula jr:choice-name(${llu}, ‘${llu}’) and referance to this new calculation in your questions. you can find the form attached

training.xlsx (31.4 KB)


Many thanks Osman. This helps alot.


@osmanburcu, :bowing_man: