Reorder question options in form builder

When defining options for a multiple selection, matrix, rating, or ranking question, it would be really helpful to be able to reorder the options as we go. For now, one actually has to use pen and paper (or a test editor) to first define all questions and then enter them into KoboToolbox.

You may easily do this via Excel. Download your form, reorder and add what you want, re-import the file.

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Welcome to the community, @marceljanssen! Could you also let the community know on why this would be essential when designing a form?

Hi @Kal_Lam, thanks for the question. This would be helpful to make the design process more interactive and ad-lib. It makes it more designer friendly.

Thanks @wroos, that could be an option but would be more applicable for when you’ve identified an error and want to correct that.

What I’m aiming at is making the design process more interactive so you can visually see how things look better.

Understood, thanks.
During development, we mainly use Excel and the Online validator to validate and preview changes.

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