Repeat and Skip logic issue

Dear All,

I was using a from where I use repeat and skip logic together. Basically i was asking the total number of session and I was showing the sessions information in repeat format. But lately i realized that skip logic mess up with the repeat. So skip logic gets some values from first repeat sessions and some form second repeat sessions, It doesn’t check repeat by repeat. As you can see from the picture, normally the first sessions, “inital assessment” and “who attended session” is caregiver and attended yes, so it must show the caregiver assessment form with a skip logic, but when we enter second session and choose beneficiary it shows the beneficiary assessment form even though it is a support session, not assessment. I realized that this started to happening lately, What would be the problem? or how we could solve it? We need to consider the skip logic for each repeat index.

Server: Humanitarian
Form ID: aHjt6u4jLVwT9RVQkWyxAV
Example beneficiary code: SND0061

aHjt6u4jLVwT9RVQkWyxAV (2).xlsx (13.7 KB)

@osmanburcu, maybe could you try sharing the relevant part of the repeat group that has issues with the skip logic (instead of sharing the entire XLSForm)?

Dear @Kal_Lam

I edited the form according to your feedback, and the form only contains the relevant information now. Age has an impact on the skip logic; there are tow forms, and depending on the age, one form is connected to “Who attended the session”, it depends on the answer user see one of the two forms depending on age, or a third one if the attended caregiver.

Any idea? it is little bit urgent and important