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Good day, we are trying to create a roster that has information of the children on education and we don’t want the question to be answer by the father and mother except the child/children. What can we do?.

  1. we have a question that is for a woman between the age of 15-49years, how can we do it that the question wont be ask from the all the woman in the household.


Good day, How can we create a repeat form, we have some questions that are meant for child/children only that parents are not expected to answer.

  1. Some questions are meant for women only that the children or the father is not expected to answer.


Do you mean you wish to include a skip within your repeat question or do you wish to create a repeat group?

Hello @oysbs ,
Did you already go through the support article?

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  1. we want to create a repeat group
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If this is the case, you could follow the support article shared by @wroos. It should help you solve your issue.

@oysbs, maybe this post discussed previously should also help you solve your issue: