Repeat Group - automatically update name


Is it possible to change the name of a repeat group when new ones are added e.g. the first group is called “group 1” and then if a new group is added it is automatically named “group 2” etc.?

I apologise if this has already been answered but I could not find it in my search!

Do you mean the variable name for repeat group or the variable label?

The variable label I think e.g. what appears on the screen

Changing the variable label should not affect the structure of your dataset. However, if you do change the variable label it should definitely affect your downloads.

Yes, you can use adynamic reference ${ } in the label of the repeat group, for ex. a person name at the repeat index.
If you can provide more details, the part of your form you might get more help here.
Are you using Enketo or Collect? (ODK or KoBo)?

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