Repeat group data management with form modification

Hi there,
I’ve got a simple form with a repeated group inside.

I’m having trouble with the data management as, when doing any kind of form modification (for example updating a country list in the first part of the form - not repeated), the repeated group data change its reference (from “begin_repeat_0Xc770xxx” to “begin_repeat_iZgkHxxx”) and creates a problem when modifying a form data through enketo - if the first collect was done through begin_repeat_0Xc770xxx and the modification through begin_repeat_iZgkHxxx.

Is there a way to avoid this new referencing process?

If no, I’m looking for a solution to handle this situation described previously as the data is then not saved properly.


This is strange.
begin_repeat_… seems an automatically generated name. You may set/use an own name, (This should not change.) If this is not possible in Formbuilder you could do it in XLSForm (download and reimport.)

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Many thanks @wroos, indeed, I didn’t name my begin repeat line within the xlsform, this effect might come from there. I’ll do it and proceed.

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