Repeat group data missing in Power Query

Hi there,

I created a repeat group that shows only when a specific response is given in a field before. Either with Enketo or on the Android app, the repeat group works well. On the device I can also see the data entered in the repeat group after the form got sent. But the data from the repeat group is not loading in Power Query, I don’t get a second table to load. I checked with downloading the XLS sheet from Kobo, but it doesn’t include a seperate sheeet.

This is the programming I used in my XLS form under the Relevant column when the repeat group should show.

For a test I moved the command into each field of the repeat group and this seems to work fine with loading the data into Power Query.

But why doesn’t it work with the first option and is there a way to retrieve the data already collected?

Welcome back to the community, @Frieda! This post discussed previously should help you solve your issue:

Thanks @Kal_Lam for the link.

My issue is not so much on how to set it up in Power Query, but more so that it does not give me the option to transform a second table with repeat group data. Here is a screenshot from Power Query, in the “Navigator” window it only shows me the main table to load but not another one where my repeat group data should be included

As mentioned above, when downloading the Excel file directly from Kobo (see first screenshot), the file also does not include a second sheet. However, I can see on my tablet that data has been entered into the repeat group and it is listed under forms that were sent.

Hi @Kal_Lam, I wondered whether you have any news regarding this? Thanks